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Are You a Leader and Feeling Challenged by Leading Virtually?

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For Leaders and Managers now needing to be an e-Leader

Are you a CEO, COO, HR Director, or a leader, manager or team leader responsible for leading people?

We are now in a new era of dynamic change where organisations need to continually adapt to the environment in which they operate. One way to adapt is to develop dynamic change capabilities.

The global spread of COVID-19 has forced organisations to activate their contingency plans. But are they truly ready for the new work dynamic that comes from large contingents of their workforce, if not all, working virtually. And possibly for long periods of time or for a second wave.

E-Leadership is leadership where individuals or groups are geographically dispersed and interactions are mediated by technology

Avolio, Walumbwa & Weber (2009)

E-Leadership requires leaders to adapt their traditional face-to-face style of leadership to the virtual environment. Communication, trust, motivation and performance management are just a few of the things leaders will need to change.

This is the place to help get you through. You’ll get tailored personal mindset coaching to help deal with the challenges of leading teams remotely.

Does your culture support large groups of people working virtually?

You and your team will no doubt be dealing with one or more challenges

We lose that physical interaction that we sometimes need

We can feel a loss of control over our role and our team

We can also feel lonely, isolated, uncertain and anxious

Do you want to …

  • Know what you need to do differently
  • Feel confident leading your team remotely
  • Make decisions quickly and confidently
  • Overcome those fears
  • Maintain your relationships
  • Feel relaxed and calm
  • Feel a sense of achievement
  • Feel self-motivated and motivate others
  • Help your team adapt to the new work environment
  • Adapt your communication style
  • Enhance trust within your team
  • Adapt your team culture
  • And most importantly, develop your E-LEADER MINDSET

An E-Leader Mindset is a state of mind that orients behaviour towards influencing a group of individuals towards a common goal within a virtual work environment.

Mindset Coaching is a way to develop this mindset and learn, grow and easily address daily challenges from working virtually.

Dr Trish Kemp – Mindset Coach and Dynamic Change Expert


Mindset Coaching Sessions

Do you want to develop your E-Leader Mindset? Then take advantage of these unique coaching sessions to help you get there as quickly and as easily as possible.

Unlike most other coaching programs that take months, these sessions are designed to address your current challenge in one session. Then it is up to you to take action. These sessions focus on you understanding and changing your mindset to fundamentally change how you think, how you feel, and what you do as a leader, which will transform your results!

It takes less than 90-minutes to get clear on what you need to do, know what’s holding you back, and walk away, virtually, with a mini-action plan.

Each of the following ONE & DONE Coaching Sessions takes up to 90-minutes. Select the one that will address your immediate challenge. You can always sign up for others later. And if your particular challenge isn’t listed, let’s design one just for you. So let’s get going now!

Manage your Relationships

Feeling concerned about losing the opportunity to meet face-to-face with your stakeholders, peers and team members? Not sure how to maintain your current relationships or develop new ones. Get clear on what you need to do to make the adjustment to virtual meetups.

Adapt your Communication

Have you relied on face-to-face communication with your team? Have you also relied on dropping by a team member’s desk to get a quick update. In a virtual environment communication can be slower and less effective. Get help improving your and your team’s communication to maintain work performance.

Need a Trust Reboot

Trust typically develops from social relationships built on spending time together. Virtual environments can erode trust or make it difficult to develop1. Feeling challenged by what to focus on. Get help understanding what you need to do to give your team a virtual trust reboot.

Motivate Your Team

Group dynamics are very different in a virtual environment where team members lose that physical interaction. Not sure you are on the right track with how to deal with this. Get clear on what you need to do to motivate your team and kick start your team’s performance.

Dr Trish Kemp

EMBA, MSc (Psychology – Leadership Development & Executive Coaching), DBA

I’m a professional mindset coach and dynamic change expert in the field of workplace change. I’ve worked with organisations, teams and individuals all over the world for more than 20-years helping them identify, get ready for, implement and embed workplace change.

I’ve worked first-hand with organisations helping them develop and test their contingency plans. But I suspect leaders today are unprepared for what is ahead of them – leading their teams virtually. Few would appreciate the psychological challenges and the impact on employee wellbeing that comes with remote work.

So I’m here to help you through this new workplace dynamic, as quickly and as easily as possible.

1Hoefling (2001)

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